We have helped to shape the future of all of students. Take a look below at some the previous students of Marsden and see where they are now.


Karice Hyun, 2005

Everyone is different and unique. Like musical instruments, we all have different characteristic of physical features, sounds and personalities. Although we all sound distinct and play different tunes, when we come together we form an orchestra of life that plays a beautiful harmony.


My name is Karice Hyun and I have graduated Marsden High School in 2005.


At a school that has over 50% of students from non-English speaking backgrounds and 48 different languages spoken, we were able to learn to accept and respect the differences between each other and form harmony. We had wonderful teachers helped us to find out what instrument we would like to be, how to produce good sounds out of that instrument, and most importantly, to be able to control our volume so we know how to lead and support. They nurtured us as musicians would carefully take care of their instruments to keep its unique sound clear and pure, and would tune with other instruments so they could play magnificent orchestral piece together.


Unity, not uniformity, and harmony amongst the difference, these are the biggest learning's from Marsden. Through being involved in the areas of music and sport, and being a part of the Student Representative Council (SRC) and being the School Captain, I had the privilege to practice what I have learnt throughout my school life.


Thanks to what Marsden and my teachers had taught me, I was able to set up a goal to become a statistician. After finishing Bachelor degree in Science, I am currently finishing Master degree in Applied Statistics. I am also working at the George Institute as a statistician, hoping to make a positive difference in the field of medicine. And, also to share what I have learnt at Marsden with the society, I am working at PASOL Sudanese Language School.


I will continue to do my best to live out what I have learnt, and nurture others to find their unique sound in themselves and the big orchestra called the world. 


Karice Hyun