Anti-Bullying Policy

Marsden High School is a happy and safe school and believes it is important that all students and teachers feel both happy and safe. We are a Positive Behaviour for Learning school, with an emphasis on being solutions focussed inside a growth mindset framework. Students who feel unhappy or unsafe at school due to the actions of others, are encouraged to report the situation to either their parents to allow the school to intervene or the Deputy Principal of their year group.  We recognise that students simply want the harassment or bullying to stop and will work to that end. We discourage parents from intervening directly and appreciate the trust to be able to work through solutions. In 2017 Marsden High School is taking the 'stymie' approach to increasing options for students to feel happy and safe - this includes electronic options for reporting situations where students feel unhappy or unsafe to do so in person.


Anti-Bullying Plan (pdf 653 KB)

Managing Bullying (pdf 335 KB)



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