Parenting and Teenage Wellbeing

Teenage Wellbeing


For more information on Parenting and Teenage Wellbeing, please read the following articles.


A Parent's Role in their Child's Education: Article 1 (pdf 4433 KB)

Building Positive Relationships with Teachers: Article 2 (pdf 4438 KB)

Building Responsibility: Article 3 (pdf 4432 KB)

Building Self-Esteem and Ensuring my Child's Wellbeing: Article 4 (pdf 4434 KB)

Communicating Expectations to Teenagers: Article 5 (pdf 4432 KB)

Creating the Right Environment for Learning at Home: Article 6 (pdf 4441 KB)

Helping with Homework and Study: Article 7 (pdf 4444 KB)

Helping Your Teenager make Responsible Choices: Article 8 (pdf 4436 KB)

Effective Parenting Styles: Article 9 (pdf 4435 KB)

Screen Time is Making Kids Moody, Crazy and Lazy: Article 10 (pdf 4470 KB)

How Smart Phones Can Worsen Blue Feelings: Article 11 (pdf 4441 KB)

Setting Limits For My Teenager: Article 12 (pdf 4441 KB)