Transitioning to High School

Marsden High School is dedicated to getting student wellbeing right. We understand that if we get the wellbeing right, students will be more engaged and therefore will be successful at school. The first step therefore, is to make the transition into our high school smooth. To this end we have a transition co-ordinator who works with each of our partner primary schools. A key aspect of this is to have a structured pathway to ensure students feel supported in one of the biggest changes in their life to date - the change from a primary setting into high school. The transiton plan involves Marsden High School working with each of the partner schools on the agreed programs. 

Below is some information regarding the programs we offer to help with the transition to Marsden High School. 

For more information regarding Getting Settled at Marsden (ppt 5451 KB), please read the link. 


Transition Plan



 PROGRAM NAME                                   


                 PROGRAM DESCRIPTION                                                        

Junior Leaders

Approx. ten year 10 students (accompanied by Ms Singh) 

visit each primary school (one per term) and help year 4 and/or 5 classes for one hour a week.

Marsfest/ Open Night

Whole school showcase held in March to promote the key features of our fantastic school.

Pinnacle Class interviews

Year 6 students wishing to apply for the Pinnacle class at MHS are interviewed. The Pinnacle classes operate in Years 7 and 8 and allow us to present especially designed innovative and creative curriculum to targeted students.

Writing Exchange

Year 8/9 students from Marsden work one on one with year 5 students to write, evaluate and present a narrative. This program runs over 2 sessions.

Musical 2017

Year 5 from is invited to view a matinée performance of MHS's musical.

Gr8 GATsby

Gifted and talented challenge (single day) in vertical groups (Years 4-8).
Each primary school selects 20 students to represent their school 

(from years 4, 5 or 6).


Extension program for gifted and talented Year 4 and 5 students (four students per subject. 6 subjects on offer). The program runs over four weeks (one morning per week) with a showcase afternoon at the end

Marsden Targeted Transition

Anxiety / Emotional / Social Issues  - Learning support teachers.

Taste of High School

All year 6 students attending MHS in the following year experience what high school is like during a full school day of lessons.

Settling Into High School

Parent information session on what to expect from high school. A Pinnacle information session will be held first up for those parent of students coming into the Pinnacle class.  

5.45pm – 7.30pm

Orientation Day

Formal NSW DoE Orientation Day for year 6 students attending MHS in 2018.

Science Day

Year 5 students from partner primary schools come up to take part in a scientific investigation.

GALA days

Year 5 students from partner primary schools are invited to participated in GALA days where a variety of sports are on offer, coordinated by our students.