Curriculum & activities

Curriculum and Activities


Knowing what your child is learning helps you support them throughout their education.

In this section you can find out how public education works and the range of learning opportunities offered for students to challenge their thinking, and make the most of their unique talents.

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Teaching and learning is our core business. Our talented staff and students work hard and achieve excellent results. We are committed to challenging and extending all students and inspire them to achieve all that they strive for.


Marsden High School attracts students who are curious, imaginative and who enjoy learning. There is an emphasis on critical and creative thinking. We promote an environment that encourages and motivates students to be successful inside and outside the classroom. We offer a broad curriculum to cater for the diverse needs of the students at our school, including academic and vocational educational subjects. Students are given a voice in electing which subjects are offered. Their choices are valued and catered to by expert teaching staff across the diversity of disciplines.


Students engage with a wide range of enriching excursions and extra-curricula activities, including international and interstate tours. Marsden pioneers innovative and challenging extension classes, such as Big History, the Galileo Project and Robotics. These opportunities extend students outside of the traditional classroom. Students are encouraged to enter competitions in all key learning areas, e.g., art competitions.


At Marsden High School we nurture well-rounded students, who participate in all areas of school life, including academic, sporting, cultural, social and community activities. Our teaching and learning programs, combined with student involvement in whole school activities, enable students to develop twenty-first century skills to promote leadership, responsible citizenship and individual excellence.


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