Marsden High School's Personal Development, Health and Physical Education faculty provides exciting and engaging subjects that offer students diverse learning opportunities and fullfills the needs of all students. 

Our staff are highly experienced and are committed to the learning of all students. With diverse backgrounds in Physical Education, Sports Science, Coaching, Health Promotion, Health Science, Technology and of course education, our programs offer diversification and are specifcally designed to cater for the needs of our students. 

Curricular programs are well supported by relevant and current resources from a variety of sources and engage students in their learning. Students join online learning facilities such as Edmodo and are encouraged to refine their literacy skills and understanding of key concepts through blogging and podcasts. 

Practical programs are inclusive and are aimed at developing skills and improving performance. Theory and Practical modules are integrated to ensure students recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle and participation in lifelong phyical activity.

Extra-curricular activities are an important part of growth and development as they often can provide a once in a lifetime opportunity. Our PDHPE faculty offers a wide range of exciting opportunities including:

  • Trips to Thredbo Ski Resort
  • Talented Sports Program
  • Learn to Swim program (Curricular in Years 7-8)
  • Coaching Accreditation
  • Professional coaching at Homebush Olympic Park in a variety of sports
  • Surf School
  • Plus many others

Explore this site and follow the links to find out more detailed information about our PDHPE faculty, the subjects offered, our achievements and our experienced staff. 


Our PDHPE faculty for 2017:

K.Tambree (Relieving Head Teacher)

L. Bernyk

R. Bugeja

A. Lustica

L. Soutter

B. Williams

M. Jones

N. Greentree


Subjects offered

The following subjects are currently offered by the PDHPE department at Marsden Hgh School. Please click on the links below to view each course in more detail.


Subject selection information for 2016-2017

The following PowerPoint presentations may assist you with your selection.