TAS (Technological and Applied Studies) is a multi-curriculum KLA with a wide range of subjects.

Stage 4
Technology – Years 7 & 8.

This is a mandatory course consisting of areas of study in:

  • Built Environments
  • Products
  • Information & Communication

Students are encouraged to Design, Produce and Evaluate, supported by a Design Folio. A range of Design-related content to support the above is presented through exposure to Agriculture, Computers, Food, Textiles, Timber, Metal and Electronics environments.

Stage 5
Years 9 & 10 are elective years, with students electing to study subjects for 100 hours, 200 hours or in some cases, studying one semester courses.

Subjects offered for study include:

  • Building and Construction
  • Engineering Technology
  • Food Technology

Stage 6

Years 11 and 12 are elective years with students electing to study subjects in the Preliminary and HSC courses.

Subjects offered for study in 2015 include:

  • Community & Family Studies
  • Industrial technology – Timber Products & Furniture Technologies
  • Design & Technology
  • VET Hospitality
  • VET Construction

Our TAS faculty for 2017:

S. Fowler (Head Teacher)

D. Hannah

R. Zappa

J. Evans (Head Teacher Admin)

A. Train

M. Rathore

A. Myers (SASS)