Prefect Profiles




I attended Linden Park Primary School. I instantly created relationships and connections with the students and the staff. I remember being very fond of my teachers due to their fun loving and open-minded attitude towards their students. Due to this, I had the courage to join the SRC and through this I was able to gain confidence and leadership skills. Events and activities, such as sports day, pyjama day, crazy hair day and other fundraising activities that were ran by the students and the staff impacted me positively; traits that I now have in High School were created due to my participation in the school community. I am grateful for what Linden Park offered to me as an individual.

For my HSC I am studying Advanced English, General Mathematics, Business Studies, Visual Arts, Music, Studies of Religion and VET Film and Media Productions. The short term goal is to excel in the subjects that I have chosen, which evidently, will give me the opportunity to achieve a high ATAR, which is my long term goal. UTS is currently a university that I am looking into due to their ability to offer a double degree of International Studies and my preferred course.

I am both academically and artistically driven therefore I take interest in a variety of things such as art, literature, history, film and current social and economic problems. I am also very passionate about my love for dogs specifically ones that are extremely fluffy and plump, I do however love all breeds of dogs equally. Aside from that I am also musically inclined, I play the guitar and sing, and have a love for jazz music. I participated in two musicals in my old high school and am willing to be in another one. I am also very confident in speaking therefore I take part in debates, such as the ones ran by the UN Youth Organisation.

My experiences at Marsden have been positive and students and teachers are very inclusive, however, that excludes the deafening shrieks of junior students in the hallway and the constant battle of trying to walk through a sea of students. Apart from that however I am fond of the events and activities that are run in Marsden, especially ones that I have never experienced before such as Revolution Red and Jeans for Jeans day.

I have taken part in the SRC at Marsden and have been involved with selling roses during Valentine's Day, Marsfest and the Marsden Cup. I enjoyed the liveliness of the student life and their willingness to participate in the events, especially the students who volunteered to help with putting up stalls and cleaning up after the event. The helpful and encouraging behaviour that students possess is what I want to be able to showcase to both the school and the community outside it. The HSC is of great importance to me due to it being fundamental to guiding me through the pathway that I will choose. This is of course a factor as to what my future will hold, and is indefinite, however, it serves as a guide in making me achieve my goals as well as what the teachers and the staff at Marsden offer; in which I am very grateful for.

I believe that being a School Captain, means that I have the capability to be compassionate towards others and have an open-mind to different values and ideologies. It is also about being motivated and having integrity, because without these two factors, I cannot be an effective leader. As the newly elected School Captain I aim to become the pathway and the voice of the students. I want the students to understand the value of education as well as enjoying their time and their learning environment. I want to be able to leave the school with pride, knowing that as a School Captain I was able to create a shift in attitude in the student's view of being in High School. 




I attended West Ryde Public School and being School captain there was a great experience for me. I feel it gave me experience and skills will be useful in my role as a member of the prefecture team this year.  For th HSC I am studying English Advanced, Modern History, Korean Beginners, General Maths, Music and Chinese Beginners. Learning Chinese and Korean will give me options for studying overseas when I leave school, as well as helping me to communicate with and understand members of the community here in Australia. Modern History will provide me with an excellent skills foundation for university, and Music will provide me with a creative outlet for when I leave school to continue playing with my band.  I love playing the guitar with my band, Jesus Christ and basketball, not necessarily in that order.

At Marsden I have really enjoyed great mates, teachers who are passionate about the subjects they teach and being part of the Christian Lunchtime group on Thursdays. The programs I have been involved in at Marsden include Mock Trial/Debating. These are both essentially arguing with a more professional-sounding name, and were great fun and helped me to develop my public speaking skills. In addition being a member of the Basketball team was great fun and play basketball together as a tea. Last year we even won the grand finals!

From the week and a half that I have had of my HSC year at Marsden I can't tell a whole lot, but is already clear that it is going to be a good one. I know that 2016 and 2017 are going to be full of great opportunities, and I feel really supported by the teachers we have here to be able to give the HSC a good shot.

I think a really important part of being part of the Prefecture team is giving a voice to the opinions of the students here at Marsden. We were elected by the will of the people, and now our job is to fulfil the will of the people, whatever that may be. I would really like to establish effective communication between the prefects and the rest of the school so that we can best know what the students at Marsden really want. It would also be great to see every student at Marsden take ownership and responsibility of their school, because in the end what we achieve as prefects won't just come down to us or the teachers, it will involve everyone here at Marsden. 



During my primary schooling I went to two schools; North Cross Christian and Croydon Park Public School where I enjoyed being in the junior rock eisteddfod , sports carnivals and the Year 6 fun day. For my HSC I am studying Music, Community and Family Studies, Mathematics, English Advanced, PDHPE and Biology.

After completing school I would like to study something within the medical line of degrees at University. I have been inspired through my current studying of Biology and PDHPE where I have learnt about the function and makeup of the human body. Additionally, CAFS has taught me about the way people act and why. To keep me focussed upon my goal, my hobbies include sport in particular soccer, athletics, dance, netball, touch; music where I play drums, piano, guitar and sing as well my faith, helping people and art.

During my time at Marsden I have really enjoyed meeting people with similar interests as well as accessing programs and opportunities I've never experienced before which has shaped who I am. My time in the SRC has given me leadership experience in coordinating events, including fundraising for the school. This gave me the skill set to successfully participate in the Peer Support Program assisting new students in Year 7 going through one of the biggest changes in their life to date. I play in both the Concert Band and Jazz ensemble which has really inspired me musically, giving me opportunities to play with other musicians. In Year 10 I enjoyed participating in the Mock Trial, which involved learning law terms and acting it out as well as the Galileo project which honed my investigation skills. The Talented Sports Program and Dance Ensemble both gave me strong opportunities in by allowing me to refine my skills through competitions and performances. 

Through being Sports Prefect I have been given the opportunity to organise and improve the profile of sport within the school. My key aim is to get more of Marsden involved, including improving motivation and enthusiasm in sports events, especially girls.



I went to Ermington Public School and enjoyed my time there. I was School Captain in Year 6 and was involved in numerous sporting teams including representing the school at regional carnivals. Currently I am studying Mathematics, English, PDHPE, Modern History, Biology and Music. These subjects may provide the basis for employment in the health industry. I'm especially interested in health policy and promotion or other options include PE teaching and sports science. There's even the possibility for a pursuit in the music industry.

I enjoy playing the drums, sport in general and especially soccer and youth group/church. I have enjoyed my time at Marsden, especially doing extracurricular activities such as the Galileo project (Big History) which included learning about the universe and global issues. I also have enjoyed hanging out with the friends I have made through the school, playing music and participating in sporting teams, such as soccer, basketball and cricket. The latter included having fun versing other schools. My sporting skills have allowed me to coach primary schools at gala days where I've gained experience in teaching and developing gross motor skills of younger students. On top of those opportunities I gained a lot from participating in the Peer support program, which involved teaching and helping younger students adapt to high school. In recent years I have participated in the Jazz ensemble as a drummer which I liked because I learnt different pieces and gained an appreciation of other genres of music.

Doing the HSC at Marsden has helped me with preparation for University or employment as well given me lots of opportunities to develop leadership abilities and a mature approach to study. In my role as Sports Prefect, I'm looking forward to working with my fellow leadership team and helping organise fundraising events; advocating for greater involvement in sport for students with all levels of fitness and interests; representing the school in a positive way and working with the PE department to promote a healthy lifestyle. I'd like to organise lunchtime sporting events that interest a wide variety of students of all abilities.



I attended Jianghan Oil Field Foreign Language Primary School in China where I was a class and school events organiser as well as a class meeting host. Currently I am studying ESL, Physics, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Chinese Background Speaker Course, Business Studies and Society and Culture. These subjects help me gain and improve my basic knowledge in languages of English and Chinese, providing me the opportunities to understand and interpret in two languages.

When I finish the HSC I would like to study business at university. Business Studies has provided the foundation for that interest as well as Mathematics which I have realised assist me with setting out processes. Since beginning my HSC journey I have learned that through studying Physics, my interest in how the world around has increased. On the flip side of that Society and Culture has magnified my understanding of common sense and how communities function. My key hobbies are Dancing, acting, watching movies, reading, making friends and studying.

At Marsden, I enjoyed studying at the cool and quiet senior library area with my friends. I've enjoyed resting under the safety shelters, making friends with teachers. I've enjoyed the atmosphere when everybody is laughing.  I've enjoyed the multicultural community we have and involved. I have participated in Junior sports; Marsfest; last year's School Musical ‘Dracula Spectacular'; selling Valentine roses and being a member of the SRC. Doing HSC at Marsden means the opportunity to see who I really am. It means studying in a less stressful environment. Marsden is not like other schools which can only push further but see the process as the most important part. Doing the HSC here requires my self- control and self- learnt abilities. It is the way to ace my result and get what I want.

Being a prefect means responsibilities, courage, challenges to me. I wish I could achieve to contribute my best to Marsden as well as my study. As a prefect, I'd like to try my best to create a united community, to reduce the chances of bullying and to show others the importance of being optimistic in both living and studying. I hope I can influence Marsden in the ways of confidence and kindness. 




I went to two primary schools: Rydalmere East Public School and Remuera Intermediate (Auckland, NZ). During primary school I particularly enjoyed being a part of the sports teams and going on various excursions. I also enjoyed the project work we did using ICT. For my HSC I am studying Maths Extension 1, Advanced English, Korean Beginners, Modern History, Chemistry, Physics and History Extension. There are lots of different courses and jobs that I am interested in doing but I haven't been able to decide which one to try for first. I hope that the subjects I have chosen will provide me with the marks and skills to provide these opportunities for me in the future.  My hobbies and interests include listening to music and both playing and watching sport. My favourite sports are snowboarding and triathlon. I also enjoy spending time at the beach and exploring new places.

I have enjoyed the opportunities Marsden has given to me – both curricula and extra-curricula. My Year Adviser and year group was particularly welcoming, when I started as a ‘late-comer' at Marsden in Year 8. I have particularly enjoyed the co-operative learning I have taken part in, with the friends I have made.  At Marsden I have been involved in the Talented Sports Program and the annual Ski Trip. I really enjoyed these opportunities because they bring together students from all year groups. I think this is special as at school we would not normally interact with each other. These opportunities also allowed students to get to build strong relationships with the teachers. These relationships have improved the discussions I have about my learning, with these teachers.

Completing my HSC at Marsden means that I feel supported by my friends and teachers. It is an environment that I feel I can do my best in. As a prefect I hope to continue the hard work put in by previous prefects and to continue to offer opportunities previously offered to the students at Marsden. I believe that these opportunities are essential to the learning experience at Marsden and have been something that I have enjoyed. 



I had the pleasure of going to Rydelmere Public School. I remember always feeling included and doing amazing things with my peers when representing the school, such as going to Imax or parliament house. For my HSC I am studying English Advanced; English Extension; Biology; Mathematics General 2; Modern history; Ancient History; Extension History and Community and Family Studies. When I graduate from Marsden, these subjects will give me the opportunity to be a history teacher or a teacher in general, which is the career that I would like to undertake. It gives me the opportunity to deepen my research through similar studies at university. My main hobbies and interests include: singing (occasionally), reading and watching crime shows.

I have really enjoyed my time at Marsden though things happen, all issues get resolved and my learning has been exceptional. I have made amazing friends that will last a lifetime and I have had the pleasure of having wonderful staff teach me and make my journey a fun one. During the years of 2014-205 I was a part of the debating team, this gave me the opportunity to develop skills on how to argue respectfully and I have learned that no matter what happens, stay respectful in your speaking. I was a part of the school choir for a number of years from 2011-2015 which was a fun atmosphere. The friends I made allowed me to enjoy singing and really learn how to grasp the concept of a team.

Doing the HSC at Marsden has been positive for me as I live close to the school and I can easily access libraries as well as the amazing learning facilities at Marsden. I also get to go for the ride with friends I have made since year 7, which means a lot to me.

My goal as a prefect is to make students feel like they do have a voice and a say in the events of the school as well as making the teachers feel as though they can truly rely on students to complete given tasks. The concepts and events that will take place over the next year will not only dictate the type of leaders we are but the type of leaders the students are. Getting the student body involved in more tasks is my main priority in the coming year.




I attended Arif Al- Nackadi Primary School in Syria and was the school captain which gave me a great opportunity to discover my leadership skills. I fulfilled the role to the best of my abilities. I was a member of the peer support and helped students with their homework and studying for their exams.  At the moment I am doing 15 units: ESL English, General Mathematics, Studies of Religion, VET Retail, PDPHPE, Plumbing at TAFE and Extension Arabic at Saturday school.

I have a great interest in career choices that involve physical fitness and personal health. However I would like to keep my options open as I am unsure exactly what the future holds. In the meantime I would like to improve my skills and take up subjects that broaden my knowledge and understanding

My interests involve practicing my native language, Arabic, by writing poems and short stories to further express my humanity, my personal thoughts and feelings. Besides literature I thoroughly enjoy partaking in physical fitness and ensuring I take care of my health and body, this involves me participating in morning runs, weight lifting and Soccer.

For me Marsden has been the place where I learned from A to Z. When I first came to Marsden High School I couldn't speak anything besides Arabic, but coming to Marsden through the IEC changed that. Now I am able to speak English functionally and confidently. Therefore I have a great respect for Marsden and I am willing to give back to the school. I enjoy the way school works and the fact the students have a voice and can change things at school. At Marsden we have great facilities such as the Gym, outdoor gym, covered outdoor learning area, library and seniors study areas with support teachers and heaps more. I have been involved in the cross country and swimming carnivals which were enjoyable as I like sport.

Doing the HSC at Marsden meant the pathway for a bright future. It has afforded opportunities for further success in my life. I am working to achieve my goals through the help of our great teachers and support of the community. Being a prefect at Marsden High School equips me with a chance to display my ideas and learn from my mates and share what I learned from my previous experiences. It also allows me to represent the voice of younger students as I am an approachable person. I will walk out of Marsden High School next year and I would love to leave a nice stamp in Marsden High School's history. 




I enjoyed my primary schools days at Luoyang Bilingual Experimental School in China where I was a presenter of study from Year 1 to Year 6. As a presenter of study I was tasked with helping other students study and communicate with our teachers about any questions we might have with our study. From Year 7 to Year 9 at that school, I was the presenter of Art. This allowed me to manage school events and festivals and therefore develop an appreciation of the importance of ‘teamwork'.

Currently I am studying ESL English, 3 or 4 Unit Maths, Biology, Japanese (Extension), Korean Beginners and Chinese Background. I am really interested in psychology so in future I want to choose clinical psychology as my university course and psychologist as my future career. The other area I am interested in is International studies as I am learning a lot of languages as part of my HSC. I always enjoy learning new languages as it includes finding out about other cultures. I especially find it amazing to chat with people from another culture, in their own language.

My hobbies are painting, photography, music, reading, swimming and skiing. At Marsden I have really enjoyed meeting new friends, new teachers and studying the subjects that I like. I really enjoyed Mars Fest, where we watched the wonderful performances from our peers. Additionally I felt Revolution Red was very worthwhile as it shows the serious impact of bullying and how important it is to be united as a whole school against it.

Completing the HSC at Marsden has involved studying with our peers together to make progress and working hard to achieve a great ATAR, which will help me get to university. Being a prefect comes with a responsibility as my goal is to create a better place to learn for our peers. I hope I can help other students new to our school adjust quickly to the new environment. I hope with our PLT we can create a better environment and atmosphere for learning.




I proudly went to Eastwood Public School and what I enjoyed most about it was being able to develop an understanding and passion for my future hobbies that have since moulded me into the person I am now. One of the greatest moments was the development of my love for learning. At present I am studying Modern History, Ancient History, English Advanced, Extension History, PDHPE, Studies of Religion and SLR. I am looking at getting into Media and Communications as my main courses, though pretty much anything relating to politics and to the media and journalism is what I am interested in.

Hobbies I enjoy are filmmaking and photography. I have an intense passion for movies and even created my own youtube channel to discuss everything in the world of movies, down to movie reviews and the behind the scenes of the film industry (currently on hiatus due to HSC commitments). I also love sport and have enjoyed working with AFL NSW/ACT as an Umpire and helping with many leadership positions in Junior Australian Football. Other sports I enjoy are football (soccer), cricket and Ice Hockey. I have a passion for the environment and human rights. My keen interest in politics has helped me develop a relationship with UN Youth and other Model UN programs that constantly test me and expand my horizons. I've also had a love for inspiring others and through my church and Christian beliefs I am filled with hope for the future and I have made it my duty to help others out regardless of who they are, all human beings are equal under the law.

Marsden provided me with many of my closest friends and given me plenty of opportunities that I am happy to have been able to experience. Each Mock Trial win made me ecstatic; every Duke of Ed camp further developed the friendships that I had and providing me with lifelong experiences and memories. Marsden's been a fantastic school and I've been blessed to have met many brilliant individuals making my time at Marsden absolutely phenomenal.  I believe that the importance of the HSC is over hyped, regardless of which I still perceive it as important. It will be a tough 12 months but I will take it in stride, attempt not to get too stressed out and go the distance this year.  The HSC is a challenge but if 70,000 students each year can do it, I'm sure I can to.

Being a prefect is a great honour and one filled with responsibility. It means I have opportunities to make decisions which will influence the school. Leadership is difficult though and it can be hard as my umpiring experience has told me, everyone wishes to disagree unless the decision benefits them.  My prefecture colleagues are currently in the development process for many new ideas and I hope the students, staff and parents will be excited to see these ideas. I have utmost faith in my Prefecture colleagues that we can make a difference. Maybe only a small difference in the grander scale of the world, but you gotta start somewhere. So why not here?  I intend on doing the very best I can to uphold the name of Marsden High School and when my time is up I want to reflect that I was able to make the school a better place. I've also planted a couple trees within the Marsden school grounds, so I wouldn't mind one of those trees being named after myself.




My favourite memory of Rydalmere East Public School was being a prefect in Year 6. For my HSC I am studying Advanced English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Modern History and Mathematics 2 unit. The Science subjects give me the opportunity to meet all prerequisites for Science based courses at university. When I finish the HSC I would like to study subjects within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field. I have a wide variety of hobbies and interests which include cooking, collecting rocks and coins, swimming to relax and unwind, gaming, reading picture books and collecting Lego sets. The key thing I have enjoyed about my time at Marsden is meeting new people.

Throughout my time at Marsden I have participated in a lot of activities. The most memorable include being involved in Australian Business Week in Year 10 where I had a lot of fun role modelling a CEO. I have also really enjoyed being part of the SRC, it is not only fun but makes me feel as if I am a member of something important. Completing the HSC at Marsden is challenging and that is important as I want to go to university. I am being provided the right opportunities to be successful.

I am proud to have been selected to be a Prefect at Marsden. It means I represent the interests of students and can contribute to making school an enjoyable experience. My goal is to be the best prefect I can be and provide good opportunities to others.