Intensive English Centre

Marsden High School's Intensive English Centre is dedicated to instilling a love of learning English, while helping newly arrived students prepare for the academic, social and emotional demands of high school in Australia.

Students arriving to a country with a new language, may learn some English skills quickly from other students, friends and family however, everyday language skills vary from the language used in education. The courses we offer use not only English words, but also ideas and concepts that differ from the everyday language. At the IEC, we teach our students the language used within the education system. We achieve this through the study of English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Commerce, Art, Music, Computing Studies as well as Physical Education and Sport. Our teachers are not only trained and experienced as English as an Additional Language (E.A.L) teachers, but are also trained in a wide variety of high school subjects and provide a stimulating learning environment incorporating the latest technology.

Our enthusiastic teachers, compassionate counsellors and bi-lingual teachers' aides are all available to help each student navigate through school. If you would like further information please contact us during school hours.


Contact Us:

telephone: +61 2 98583440



IEC (Intensive English Centre) - Overview video (about 8mins)

(English, Korean and Chinese audio)