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Last updated 7:51 PM on 6 December 2017

Monday, 11 December 2017 - All Marsden 2018 Scholarship Applications CLOSE.

The Marsden High School Scholarship Fund was established by the Marsden High School P&C to provide a variety of scholarships to students in Years 7-11.


Each scholarship is for one calendar year and are available for Academic, Creative & Performing Arts, Sporting Excellence and S.T.E.M.


For more information and application forms please head to our Forms & Downloads page.


In the meantime here is some information on the application process.

      Applicants must:

  • have applied for entry to Marsden High School in Years 7-11

  • conform with the school's enrolment policy and meet the selection criteria established by

    the school.

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident residing anywhere in the Sydney metropolitan area.

      continued enrolment at Marsden High School.


      The Scholarship Committee:

  • assesses applicants for the scholarships on the basis of the selection criteria

  • may give preference to a highly talented student, an all round achiever or a student with special   needs, financial or otherwise

  • may award multiple scholarships when funds are available

  • has the right to make the final decision to award the scholarship

  • has the right to discontinue a scholarship if the holder does not meet the academic, music or sporting obligations of the scholarship. 


    We wish you all the very best with your scholarship applications.