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Last updated 9:28 PM on 16 March 2017

Marsden High School is proud to be an National Day of Action school! We're joining the nationwide movement and standing united against bullying this Friday, 17 March on what is the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

We believe that we need to be actively involved in shaping the future of our students, the next generation. For our school, the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence provides an opportunity to continue the conversation and have meaningful discussions about how we can all work together to address bullying and violence and find solutions to end bullying in schools.


We encourage each of you to view our Anti-Bullying Policy, parent and students cards and start the conversation at home with your family. 


Lets stand together as a community proudly saying ‘Bullying. No Way!' 


Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Bullying Parent Card (pdf 336 KB)

Anti-Bullying Student Card A (pdf 181 KB)

Anti-Bullying Student Card B (pdf 146 KB)