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Last updated 12:07 PM on 22 February 2017

Year 7 BYOD Chromebook Purchasing

Access to technology is vital in a future-focused learning environment to move our education system into a 21st century model of teaching and learning. Marsden High School values these rich learning experiences and recognises the importance that students be equipped with the tools of 21st century learning. Through the use of Chromebooks, it empowers students and gives them direct involvement in the way they use technology for learning.

We have encouraged students to use their own devices at school and with many parents enquiring about a suitable device to purchase, we believe Chromebooks best suit this within the classroom for educational purposes. Using this technology provides students with the opportunity to research, work collaboratively and share information and ideas using 21st century tools such as Google Apps for Education (GAFE).

Parents wishing to purchase a Chromebook for their child's use at school can do so through Hewlett Packard our school's partner, who have provided our parents and caregivers with device purchasing opportunities for our Digital Learning Program.

Two models are available HPs
¿ HP Chromebook 11 G5 2 GB
¿ HP Chromebook 11 G5 4 GB (Recommended)

The school will purchase the Chrome Management Console. Due to the requirement of students needing to have the Chrome Management Console on their device students cannot purchase a device elsewhere as the management console is not an individual product.

On the HEWLETT PACKARD site there is also the opportunity to purchase carry cases. Information and online purchasing can be completed at www.hpshopping.com.au/marsdenbyod.

We understand that not everyone can be home to receive delivery of their Chromebook, For your convenience we ask you to use the school address to help ensure delivery. 22a Winbourne St. West Ryde. NSW. 2114.


If you wish to discuss the purchase of a Chromebook, please contact school on 9874 6544 and ask for Mr John Evans

John Evans and Lauren Souter will be available to answer any questions on Tuesday February 28 at the Parent Teacher Night.

A further information session will be held early term 2 Yours faithfully

Lance Berry Principal