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Last updated 4:48 PM on 18 May 2017

Library News ... 

Our school library is currently still in the process of being  upgraded and later this term we are expecting a delivery of some very modern, custom built shelving, but in the mean time you may have noticed some new signage - in particular our 'Library' sign on the front door.

We are fortunate to have many wonderful new books on our shelves, including the latest study guides for seniors, senior fiction, fiction, Premier's Reading Challenge books, and the latest Graphic novels. Be sure to head over and browse around, as we are sure you'll be able to find an amazing read.

REMINDER for Year 7 - 9 

Be sure to log onto the Premier's Reading Challenge website and update all the books that you have read so far for the reading challenge. 

You can access the page by clicking on the link below and using your school login and password:

Premiers Reading Challenge  





Term 1 saw a team of Marsden and IEC teachers attended a day long Google Workshop.

Our teachers went to the Google office in Darling Harbour for a workshop on Google Docs and Chrome Books. Everyone agreed, this was a very informative and interesting day where we all learnt a number of new impressive applications. We were also afforded the opportunity to tour the very impressive Google office - which was fantastic!!! They have an incredible work space, including scooters to get around on, relaxation areas, a movie room and free food and drink at their many cafes throughout the building.

Overall it was a very productive day organised by Mr. Evans. 


Google Workshop