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Last updated 8:56 PM on 30 May 2017
Extra Curricula Activities 

Are you looking for an Extra-Curricula Activity?

At Marsden High School, our students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricula activities throughout the school year. Such activities provide important benefits to our students. Beneftits such as;

  • Providing a productive break from study.
  • Relaxing the mind and promoting emotional wellbeing.
  • Improving existing and encouraging new friendships.
  • Building confidence levels whilst allowing students to explore new interests.  
  • Develop their time management skills and a sense of responsibility. 

We strongly encourage all students to try and find an activity to suit them. Activities such as musical, band, talented sports program, Duke of Edinburgh, robotics, mock trial and many more. For a comprehensive list of available activities please click here and for more information regarding activities, please speak with the supervising teacher.