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Last updated 9:01 PM on 25 June 2017



Dear Students and Parents/Caregivers,


Students enrolled in a VET course are required to attend a Mandatory Work Readiness Workshop prior to attending work placements. We realise that this day is normally a home study day; however, this workshop is essential for ALL students to attend. Students will not be able to participate in mandatory work placement for the completion of their course.


The workshop will be held at school on;


Date: Tuesday 18th July 2017

Time: 9am to 12pm

Location: School Library


The workshop will involve a guest speaker and online work readiness course where they will receive a certificate of completion.


Kind Regards,



John Evans                           Amanda Train                                  Muneeza Rathore

(VET Co-ordinator)              (Hospitality Teacher)                        (Retail Services Teacher)


Download a copy of the Permission Note (docx 42 KB) here.