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Last updated 11:30 PM on 8 February 2017
MHS Robotics 

Robotics at Marsden High School:

Robotics is one of Marsden High Schools signature programs; it provides a highly engaging medium for creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication, four essential skills for learning and ICT within a curriculum context. 

Students from Years 9-12 will meet once per week after school in our Robotics/Technology room, whilst our Year 7 & 8 students meet one lunchtime per week to work on Lego Robotics, where our Year 8 students mentor Year 7.

Since 2015 FRC have been holding an International/Regional Robotics competition at Sydney Olympic Park, which Marsden has been competing in and this competition attracts teams from all over Australia and Asia.

In 2016 our robotics team competed in both the Sydney and Hawaiian Regional events. With our talented robotics team and robust robot, we managed to place 2nd in both events. The game in 2016 was called Stronghold.

We would like to thank our sponsor Silverwater Box for creating and donating the box that transported our Robot safely to the Robotics Competition in Hawaii. http://www.silverwaterbox.com.au/blog--wooden-box-transported-a-robot.html

This year the game is called STEAM WORKS and will see our robotics team participate in two Regional events in Sydney. The Southern Cross Regional from 13th-15th March and the South Pacific Regional from 16th-18th March. The competition is strong and we will be competing against teams from all over Australia, Asia and the USA.


To see what 2017 has in store for our team please view the YouTube clip below.