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Last updated 9:42 PM on 29 June 2017
PT Interviews 

Parent Teacher Interviews | Wed 19/7/2017 4pm-7:30pm

Request Interviews – What To Do:

STEP 1: Visit www.edval.com.au/book with your unique code. Check all your child's name(s) are shown.
If not all your children appear above, add missing students with their own booking codes, or click ‘remove' if you want to book interviews separately for some children on this group booking, using the unique codes provided.

STEP 2: Confirm you can attend the event. Your specific time restrictions and time preferences may be entered in the My Details tab if needed. Open time availability generally gives you more compact schedules however.

STEP 3: Click Request Interviews tab, and drag any teacher you want to see across to the Teachers I want to see side of the table. This list is prioritised in the order of importance to you, with most important at the top. Higher priority interviews may be allocated over others if there is high demand for some busy teachers. You do not need to select all teachers unless you want to see them all. You may modify your selections up until 3.15pm on Monday 17th July.

STEP 4: Wait for the scheduled publishing date which will be Tuesday 18th July.  Log in using your existing booking code, and print off your allocated interview schedule, or make manual changes to the schedule times if necessary and print off your amended schedule.

For parents without access to the internet OR for those who have not received their unique codes please ring Ms O'Neill on 9874 6544 to have your interview preferences entered into the system. Your allocated interview times will be sent home with your child on Tuesday 18th July. All telephone requests need to be made prior to 3.15pm on Monday 17th July.

Please note that all reports will be issued to students and/or their parents/guardians at this event. Year 11 students who attend the Year 11 Report Reflection Breakfast should bring their report with them.