News  » HSC Results are in for our Class of 2017

Last updated 5:31 PM on 14 December 2017

The results are in and congratulations are in order ...

The HSC results for Marsden were released this morning and needless to say, we are really proud of our Year 12, 2017 cohort:


9% of the individual results were Band 6 (90 – 100)
28% of the individual results were Band 5 (80 – 89)
33% of the individual results were Band 4 (70 – 79)


70% of our student's individual results were either Band 4, 5 or 6 which is a 5% increase on last year's results. Whilst we did stagnate at 9% for individual results across Band 6 (equal to last year), we achieved 28% of individual results in Band 5 showing a 5% an increase when compared to last year. Further good news is that 19% of student's individual results were Band 3, which is an 8% decrease on last year. However, there is always room for a little improvement and the area we still need to work on is the 11% of individual results across Bands 1 and 2. 


Overall the results are amazing and we are delighted with our students' achievements. They show significant improvement over 2016 and 2015, where we achieved 55% of individual results greater than Band 4. Since 2015 we have improved by an impressive 15%, moving the middle results upwards so that now 70% of individual results are Bands 4, 5 or 6.


We will be sure to update you on individual results once we receive our students ATAR rankings tomorrow.


Congratulations Year 12 and Well Done!!


Thank you to the whole Marsden community for your efforts in working together to make these outstanding results possible.


Mr. Berry