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Last updated 1:13 PM on 24 October 2017

S3 Saba Brothers | NSW Ambassadors for the Bully Zero Australia Foundation.

This very talented trio of brothers and musicians stand together against bullying and recently headed down to Melbourne to attend the foundations annual charity ball along with 1000 fellow Australians all supporting this great cause. 

Ambassadors from all over the country were in attendance as the brothers - Raymond, Steven and Nathan had the incredible opportunity of having their original composition showcased. Their song is a wonderful anti-bullying anthem, called 'What Ya Gonna Do' and was written by Nathan when he was just 9 years old and recorded when he was eleven. The clip was aired on the big screen, in front of all those in attendance, as the foundation shared the work of their educators and community from over the past year. 

This was such an honour for the boys and Marsden High School is proud of their achievement and of their courage to stand up and be the voice for such an important message. 


Congratulations boys!!


"Bullying should not exist. No one should feel alone. Together we can make a difference".