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Last updated 9:20 PM on 16 March 2017

Year 12 ESL Students aiming for Excellence...

The English as a Second Language (ESL) department at Marsden has long been the vanguard of academic success. In another coup for the department, we recently invited two high achieving students from the class of 2016 to motivate and enrich this year's cohort. Ana Choi, 2016 Dux of Marsden and Alexis Kim, a band 6 ESL student. They shared their secrets of success with an attentive audience intent on emulating their feats. We thank them for the time given and acknowledge their unsurpassed achievements. This serves as a timely reminder the integral role schools like Marsden play in shaping the social and academic futures of tomorrow's leaders. Miss. Hoy, Mrs. Larsen, Mrs. Swinkels and Mr. Leece.


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