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Last updated 6:07 PM on 26 February 2018

Year 9 Marsden Students will be going B.Y.O.D win 2018...

Marsden High School is adapting to the changing world of work. The embedding of technology into teaching and learning is a key aspect of schools preparing students.

Teachers are ensuring there is much more 'real time' formative assessment in class. This is being achieved through the use of technology such as quick quizzes online and so on, with real time feedback to the teacher and student.  This should feature at the start of almost every lesson.

To support students and prepare them for a future it is vital they use technology. In 2018 year 9 will be able to bring their technology learning device to school and use it in class.

Why G.Suite:

  • No more carrying around devices, such as thumb drives or CDs. You don't need to worry about losing the device,
  • Easy access! Assignments, notes, slides – just about anything digital that you use in education is easily uploaded and accessed anytime.
  • Stability: cloud computing is now to the point of being a very stable technology that you can rely on.
  • Security: Your data, content, information, images – anything you store in the cloud usually requires authentication (ID and password, for example) – so it is not easily accessible by anyone. In addition, should something happen to the technology at school, your content will still be available to you and your students if it is stored elsewhere.
  • Shareability: Working on an instructional assignment with other teachers? You can share some or all of your files that you have stored in the cloud
  • Trackability: Make changes to a lesson and want to change it back? No problem. Cloud computing will save multiple revisions and versions of a document so that you can chronologically trace back the evolution of an item.
  • Collaboration: You can set-up various student groups to work on projects and assignments in the cloud.
The preferred device for students at Marsden High School is the Chromebook: because they:
  • Save Money
  • Use Simplified Chromebook Hardware Translates to Greater Performance
  • Help With Career Preparation
  • Help Close the Achievement Gap
  • Keep Students Engaged
  • Help Teachers Gain Insight into Student Behaviour
  • Are Green
  • Are Easy to Configure
  • Increase Teaching Time as the teacher have zero need to touch student devices as they just work.
  • Can access Microsoft 365 and Google GSuit
Marsden High School is working with HP Australia to bring you the best possible price for chrome books.

You can buy a device using the following link: www.hpshopping.com.au/marsdenbyod

Please Note: Please do NOT use Marsden High School as the delivery address if you are ordering a Chromebook after Friday December 1 as the school will be closed during the Christmas holidays. The school address CAN be used for Chromebook deliveries after 22 January 2018.


A year 8 Parent Information evening will be held on 13th December 2017 at 6:30 PM


For further Information please contact John Evans during school hours.