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Anaphylaxis information

The safety and wellbeing of your child is of paramount importance to us, including where your child is diagnosed at risk of a severe allergic reaction.. It is important that parents notify the school if their child has an allergy. Anaphylaxis is a severe and sometimes sudden allergic reaction that is potentially life-threatening and always requires an emergency response. As with other serious health conditions, schools put in place strategies to support students at risk of anaphylaxis at school or while they are engaged in school related... Read more

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Body image and girls

Body image is the number one personal concern for young people aged 12 to 24, with research showing they feel under more pressure than ever to look a certain way. Butterfly Foundation's education manager, Danni Rowlands, goes into schools every week to talk to students about body image. In a revealing podcast, she explains to Rachel Friend what she finds when she talks to girls and young women, what's healthy behaviour and what parents should be concerned about. Listen to the podcast on the School A to Z website.... Read more

How to plan a safe party

Parties are part and parcel of teenage social life and help mark the move from childhood to adulthood. While most parties go off without a hitch, celebrations can go wrong and get out of hand – particularly if the party is unplanned. If you are hosting a party here are some tips to help to ensure your teenager and their friends have fun but remain safe. Communication and careful planning are the keys to hosting a successful party. While the internet and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are great tools which can be used to... Read more

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Outdoor Recreation Camps

Students from Marsden High School attended two Outdoor Recreation Camps run through Lithgow TAFE during the year. Students were involved in rock climbing, canyoning, kayaking and cross country skiing.... Read more

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Developing resilience in your child

Growing up can be tough. Things don't always go to plan. So how can you help your child to develop resilience? Research shows children with good resilience perform better at school and are less likely to take part in risky behaviour, particularly as they enter the teenage years. The education department's principal psychologist, Ron Balderston, describes resilience as a shock absorber for the potholes of life. "Resilient children know how to cope and have developed skills that enable them to flex so they can manage life's blows when they... Read more

Year 11 exam timetable

The timetable for year 11 exams can be found in School years - Exam timetables... Read more

Marsden HS celebrates National Recognition Week for all School Administrative and Support Staff

PRESS RELEASE Tuesday 4th September Marsden High School celebrates National Recognition Week for all School Administrative and Support Staff All this week students, parents and staff at Marsden High School will acknowledge the hard work done by School Administrative and Support Staff (SAS Staff) as part of National Recognition Week. National Recognition Week runs from Monday the 3rd to Friday 7th September. This year's theme is "Our Jobs Support Education." Every day of the school year SAS Staff face new challenges in the running of our... Read more

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Cyberbullying prevention tips

While the statistics around cyberbullying are sketchy, we do know that the likelihood of children being bullied online or over the phone increases as they get older and use technology more frequently. The Australian Communications and Media Authority has created tips for parents to help keep their kids safe online and to give some direction for those who think their child may already be experiencing online bullying. They include: Talk to your child about cyberbullying before it happens. Work out strategies to address cyberbullying that both... Read more

Building 21st Century skills in our empowered local school.

Learning Today Shaping Tomorrow (Draft Ideas)Marsden is one of the 229 schools that is part of the empowered National initiative and we have begun to create the vision of what we want our school to be for the future and to meet all the needs of our students. The collaboration with our teachers and executive has begun and in the next weeks, parents and students will put there stamp on the vision. This idea has been informed by research and articulated data. The Draft plan has begun to materialise.... Read more

Our Partnership with our Aboriginal Community

Marsden has impressive Aboriginal Programs

Building our Aboriginal Australia with a great Aboriginal Language Initiative at Marsden High. All our year students are learning the aboriginal language Dhurag, taught by an Dhurag woman called Jacinta Tobin. Marsden High School sought permission from the traditional owners of the language through the traditional smoke ceremony and celebration of Aboriginal culture. The assembly was a spiritual experience in which the entire school came together in the traditional ceremony to ensure the best spirit is with our learners. The traditional... Read more

Preparing for the HSC

The period leading up to the HSC can be a difficult time for parents as they try to help their teen manage the study load and stress. The parent website School A to Z has spoken to teachers about the challenges parents and students face. Here are some of the key points: You don't need to be a subject expert to help your child prepare for the HSC. Make sure your teen is getting enough sleep. Good nutrition is vital. They can reduce stress by balancing study with physical activity, social life and other interests. Part-time work shouldn't be... Read more

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New Maths Monkey’s Quest game available

School A to Z has just released an exciting, new maths game app, taking kid-friendly learning to the next level. Maths Monkey's Quest was created by the NSW Department of Education and Communities and designed for kids from Year 3 to Year 8. This new release engages children (and adults) with addition, subtraction, ratios and percentages, as they unlock new levels and strengthen their mathematical skills. At each level the Maths Monkey enters a new world of mathematical challenges, starting at the Jungle level (aimed at Years 3 and 4 students)... Read more

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Year 10 subject selection tips

Should Year 10 subject selections be an opportunity for your child to get a head start on their career, or to simply to choose the electives they most enjoy? This month, School A to Z features two articles with expert advice on how to help your child choose subjects that will give them the most options later on, regardless of whether they want to go to university, or they see themselves pursuing a trade or apprenticeship . Year 10 subject selection looks at what subjects your child is most likely to succeed in, and how to help them choose the... Read more

Cultures of the world displayed

Marsfest is a winner for Marsden High

An amazing celebration of our cultural diversity and our sameness. Congratulations Marsden School community on the most amazing showcase of wonderful young people who are proud of their culture. Congratulations! More wonderful information will be in our next newsletter! This year our SRC is 53 students strong. With five members from year 7 through to 15 in year 12, we're all keeping busy with our fundraising, recycling projects and our BIG project for this term - Marsfest. Marsden High School comprises a diverse multicultural student and... Read more

Managing your child's weight

Your family is the best influence for showing your child how to manage their weight. That's the advice of the childhood obesity experts for keeping a child's weight down. Dr Shirley Alexander, specialist in child obesity at The Children's Hospital Westmead, says: "Try and get the whole family to develop healthier lifestyle habits and through that, hopefully get some weight-loss in the children." The most recent official figures suggest as many as one in four school-aged children fits into the category of being mildly overweight to obese. A... Read more

Tours of Marsden High School with our Principal Mrs Denise Lofts.

So if you missed our Open Day please join us and contact the office to book in for our school tours on 9874 6544. Tour dates: Thursday 29th March 4pm to 5pm Thursday 3rd May 4pm to 5pm Thursday 7th June 4pm to 5pm... Read more

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Facts about tutors

Private tutoring to give kids a helping hand in their schooling is a growing business. However, it's also an area where parents can be vulnerable to bogus offers and misleading advertising. If you're considering using a tutor, you need to know how to get the best service for you and your child. It's important to know that the job of a school is to ensure your child's educational needs are met in line with the curriculum. Teachers in NSW public schools are university educated and use effective teaching and learning techniques. If you have... Read more

Our Students in Italy, outside a Basilica in Siena

Our Students in Italy! Belissimo!

During April Holidays, our Ancient History students had the privilege to travel to Italy to explore the Historical and Artistic wonderland of Italy. The students travelled the entire length of Italy. From Venice to the Bay of Naples, visiting Florence, Pisa, SIena, Rome, Pompeii, Naples, Sorrento, Vico Equense. You will hear about their travels in the upcoming newsletters.... Read more

Marden High joins Empowering Local Schools Initiative

The Federal Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth, the Hon Peter Garrett AM MP and the State Minister for Education, the Hon Adrian Piccoli MP will shortly be announcing the schools that have been successful in joining the Empowering Local Schools National Partnership. Two hundred and twenty nine schools have been nominated for NSW. Mardsen High School is one of the successful schools to join the initiative.... Read more

Helping kids cope with Shakespeare

Shakespeare's reputation and language can seem daunting. So how do you make his work accessible? How do you open up his extraordinary world to your teen? Here are some tips from Bell Shakespeare's artistic director John Bell. Watch a good live Shakespeare production or DVD to get a feel for the language. Read a text that comes with a translation in modern language; it can help kids understand the language better. Suggest to your teen to imagine they are a detective who has to do some sleuth work to really understand the play. Discuss what... Read more

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Homework help newsletter

You can now easily subscribe to updates from the award-winning website for parents, School A to Z. Each term you'll receive newsletters with the latest information to help you manage your child's homework and study, health, development and technology use. School A to Z has been created by parents at the education department to answer the common questions and challenges we all face as we support our kids growing up. This month's newsletter includes: a series of videos to help you when bullying becomes an issue for your child tips for getting... Read more

West Ryde Fair Saturday 31st March

Marsden Wows! at West Ryde Easter Parade

Last Saturday a fantastic group of students and Teachers attended the West Ryde Fair.... Read more

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MP3 players and hearing loss

An MP3 player, such as an iPod, is an essential item for many kids but listening to them for long periods of time can cause permanent hearing loss. And the experts say the volume doesn't have to be ear-splitting to cause damage. The loudness of sound is measured in units called decibels (dB). Conversation is generally 60dB. Traffic noise can be around 80dB. Louder noises, such as a plane taking off, a motorcycle or firecrackers can range from 120dB to 140dB. Listening to music at levels above 80 decibels is going to damage hearing. The... Read more

Taking a stand against bullying

A new website and mobile app have been launched to help parents and students address bullying. The Bullying, No Way! website includes interactive applications, including a choose- your-own-adventure game for students to learn how to deal with bullying, and videos for parents and students. The site also includes information on: helping your child if they are being bullied identifying the signs that your child might be bullying others getting help and support. The website and the Take a Stand Together mobile app were launched to coincide with... Read more

Year 11 Crossroads Camp

Crossroads is a mandatory Stage 6 course which extends the learning experiences of students in Years 7-10 in Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. Schools are required to deliver a 25 hour course in Personal Development and Health in Year 11 with an emphasis on drug and HIV/AIDS education issues. Crossroads aims to support senior students as they address issues related to identity, independence and the changing responsibilities they face. In Crossroads , students have the opportunity to develop knowledge, understandings and... Read more

Teens, homework and multi-tasking

Can kids really do their homework and multi-task? Parents around the world are divided on this. Half watch their teenagers sitting among a pile of books, ear buds in, computer on, TV humming in the background and think, "I wish I could multi-task like that". The others stride across the room, pull the plug on the distractions, and ask the age-old question: "How can you study with that on?" Somewhere along the line we seemed to have absorbed the idea that teenagers can multi-task perfectly because they're digital natives. Perhaps we read it... Read more

Information/Open Afternoon 7th March 4pm-7pm

Marsden High welcomes all prospective year 7 students 2013 & 2014 to our Open Afternoon. Program: Meet our Dynamic Team and Student Leadership Team, visit our Classrooms to view quality teaching and learning, and hear about our "Beyond the Pinnacle Gifted Program".... Read more

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Yr. 7 Parent Information Evening

Parents of Yr. 7 are invited to an excellent opportunity to meet with the Head Teachers of the different faculties and learn about the diversity of the school curriculum. There is a B-B-Q at 6.00pm and then at 7.30pm parents are invited to attend the first P&C meeting for 2012. Come and meet other parents. If you have not received the information flyer please download the invitation below Yr. 7 Parent Invitation (doc, 77 KB)... Read more

Education Tax Refund 2012

Don't forget to keep all your receipts from back-to-school expenses so that you can take advantage of the Education Tax Refund. The refund gives eligible parents and caregivers a 50 per cent refund on a range of primary and secondary school education expenses, including school uniforms. For the 2011-2012 financial year you may be eligible for the following: Primary school child You can claim a maximum of $818 for each of your primary school children – that is a refund of up to $409. Secondary school student You can claim a maximum of $1,636... Read more

Year 9 Laptop Information Evening

Parents, carers and students of Year 9 are invited to an information session about the school laptops. Custom-made for school use, the laptops are robust, compact and lightweight, and fit easily in a school bag. They come fully loaded with a range of leading software and learning applications. The laptops are wireless enabled so students can connect to the school network and the internet in and around school grounds. If you have the internet at home, your child can also connect to school and the internet form home. At the information... Read more

Year 11 Information Evening

Marsden High School invites all Year 11 students and their carers to attend an information evening in the school Library at 6:30pm on Wednesday, 15th February. This information session is to cover the requirements and expectations of the students and the school for the senior years. The session will also allow parents, carers and students to ask any questions they may have from relevant staff. Coffee and tea will be provided. Look forward to seeing you there!... Read more

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Back-to-school support

A suite of resources, including the School A to Z website and the annual back-to-school hotline, is available to help parents prepare for the new school year. School A to Z website The School A to Z website provides you with practical help to get involved and support your children's learning and includes a webcast on the theme of ‘Getting off to a great start at school'. The School A to Z webcast answers commonly asked questions that range from how to motivate children for learning, to tips on how to manage technology use at home, bullying,... Read more

Year 12 congratulations! You set the standard!

Students Come Ready to Learn!

Welcome back all students! Happy New Year, Year of the Dragon! Xin Nian Kuai Le! Monday 30th January we welcome our New Year 7 Students. Also any new students to the school. Year 7 Students should assemble at the School Hall at 8.55 am on the bell. New Enrolments, go to the Library where HTs are to meet with them to place in classes. Yr. 7, 11 & 12 return to school On roll call bell, Yr. 7 go to Hall YR. 11 & 12 go to roll call rooms. All students will come dressed in the correct uniform and bring their learning tools, including your... Read more

Tracey and School Principal Mrs DLofts

Our fantastic students excel at the HSC!

Congratulations to Tracy Lau who achieved an amazing 97.25 ATAR for the 2011 HSC. Tracy has also been nominated for an International students award. This is an outstanding result from your great local public High School.... Read more