Our International Students

As an oversea student, English is very important for me due to it is being the official language of Australia. When I was thinking of coming here, I realize a good English training school plays a very important role my education. Eventually, I decide to study in Marsden IEC.


Marsden IEC is intensive English centre and is my mother school in Australia. The role of this school is for training and improving the overseas student's English. There are many courses in the IEC, such as English, Maths, science, Living skills and so on. These courses work well in preparing me to go to the high school. During our classes, Miss teaches us with the smart board, which attracts our attention and make a deep impression of knowledge in my heart.  You will get the homework after class. My classroom was 3S, Ms Steiner is my head teacher, who is very kind to me, and she always helps me when I have some difficulty in my study. Moreover, my classmates come from different counties, and they are very kind to me as well. We always help each other, which creates a warm atmosphere in the class. I believe my decision was correct. I make a great improvement in my English after I finishing the IEC course. What a fantastic and unforgettable experiences in Marsden IEC, and I have a deep sense of belonging in Marsden IEC.


After graduating from the IEC, I choose to stay at Marsden High School. The Marsden IEC prepared me well for the high school. In Yr11, Marsden High school gave me a chance to join the SRC. This has also been a fantastic for me. The SRC always holds the functions, such as BBQ, blood donation and so on. These factors have help developed my leadership and gain my own experiences. This group helped me to build up my friendships in the high school. As an Yr12 student now, because of the hard-working of teachers and myself, I get good results in my trial exam, and the next challenge is the HSC!! I believe I also can get good results in the HSC under the excellent education of Marsden.


English is very important for us, only choose a good school that you can achieve the goal and be successful. As an overseas student, I believe Marsden IEC and Marsden HS are the best choice for me. What about you?

Lachlan He